Lindsey Graham May Run Against Ralph Norman

Conservative House Freedom Caucus member and South Carolina representative Ralph Norman is contemplating challenging fellow Republican Senator Lindsey Graham in 2026.

A report shows that Norman claimed he liked Lindsey as a person but stated his distaste for his policies. After his election, Lindsey is a basic liberal, and in the last two years of his term, he becomes a conservative. Norman said that had to stop.

An article quotes Norman as saying there are two sides to Lindsey. On the one hand, he is in the Senate Judiciary Committee and has helped confirm conservative justices. On the other hand, he voted to fund the government in December 2022, just before Republicans seized control of the House. Norman said that Graham had them in handcuffs until September.

Norman recently expressed to Fox News Digital that he is tired of Graham.

Graham has been a vocal backer of Trump despite the former president’s occasional mockery of Graham. At a Trump event in Pickens, South Carolina, in the summer, the senator’s own constituents booed him.

Graham has faced primary challenges from other Republicans before, but none as well-known as Norman.
CNN asked Norman if he was considering challenging Graham, to which he replied, “Oh, yeah.” Norman mentioned that competition is good, but he has not made a decision about running.

According to Norman’s House website, Representatives Ralph Norman (SC-5) and Vern Buchanan (Florida-16) proposed a constitutional amendment to prevent lawmakers from collecting pay during a government shutdown.

It will be the 27th year of Congress’ failure to pass a budget before the conclusion of the Fiscal Year.

During a government shutdown, almost every federal agency is impacted, and most civilian federal workers and military personnel do not get paid. For decades, Congress has failed to fulfill its appropriations deadline yet has still been paid regardless of its tardiness.

During a government shutdown, members of Congress shall not be compensated under this amendment to the Constitution.

The legislation’s goal is to ensure that all 12 spending measures are approved by Congress on schedule.