Libya Fears More Than 2000 Dead After Severe Flooding

On Monday, at least 27 people were confirmed dead in eastern Libya following flooding set off by the storm Daniel over the weekend. At least one city was named a disaster area by authorities.

The head of one of Libya’s governments said that flooding in the country’s eastern areas had killed an estimated 2,000 people.

Video of flooded homes and streets in several parts of eastern Libya was posted on social media over the weekend. As floodwaters threatened houses and cars, they cried out for assistance.

According to the city’s primary hospital, twelve people were killed in Bayda, a town in the country’s east. Seven more persons were killed in the seaside town of Susa in northeastern Libya.

Othman Abduljaleel, the health minister of the east Libyan government, reported the death toll. He estimated that fifty more people went missing.

As of Monday afternoon, the status of the city of Derna, which has been designated a disaster zone, was still unknown, according to Abduljaleel.

On Sunday, the death of a second suspect was verified. According to Walid al-Arfi, a spokeswoman for the government-run emergency response organization in eastern Libya, the guy was stranded in his vehicle in the flooded town of Marj.

A member of the Libyan Red Crescent who was attempting to rescue a trapped family in Bayda disappeared, according to the organization. Local media said that dozens more people were reported missing as floodwaters swept through numerous villages in eastern Libya, destroying houses and other buildings.

Local media have claimed that the situation in the worst-affected area, Derna, is disastrous due to the lack of power and communications.

After severe flooding and rains, the east Libyan government proclaimed Derna a disaster zone. As the hurricane was about to land overnight, the authorities issued a state of emergency on Saturday and canceled all activities.

On Monday, the prime minister declared a three-day national day of mourning and ordered flags flown at half-staff across the country.

Egypt’s meteorological services have warned about potential rain and harsh weather on Monday, ahead of the arrival of Storm Daniel in the country’s western regions.