Leftist Anarchist Receives Massive Jail Sentence

A “left-wing anarchist” has been jailed for 13 years for plotting to kill British politicians. Jacob Graham, from Liverpool, planned to murder at least 50 people by attacking government buildings and politicians’ homes. Security services uncovered the plans while investigating chemical purchases and discovered that Graham had filmed himself conducting explosives experiments at his home and burying bomb-making materials to conceal them.


The convicted terrorist told police he supported Britain’s far-left Green Party and opposed corporations and the damage they cause to the global environment. Graham describes himself as “left-wing” and says he opposes central control and the United Kingdom’s Royal family.


Police investigations furthermore uncovered a document entitled “My Plan,” which Graham said was inspired by American terrorist Ted Kaczynski – also known as the Unabomber. In the document, Jacob Graham admitted he intended to commit “mass murder” and “make politicians afraid to start their cars.”


Sentencing the 20-year-old to more than a decade in a young offender’s institute, Mr Justice Goose described him as a “dangerous young man” who takes pride in his terrorist identity.


A jury at Manchester Crown Court found Mr. Graham guilty of one count of preparation of terrorist acts, four counts of possession of information for terrorist purposes, and two of dissemination of a terrorist publication.


British politicians have recently expressed safety concerns amid heightened tensions surrounding the Middle East conflict. Several Members of the UK’s London Parliament (MPs) say they have received dozens of death threats from leftist activists demanding they call for an Israeli ceasefire. Many claim they take extra security measures, including changing how they travel and adopting personal panic alarms.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a new security package in February, setting aside around $35 million to improve MP safety. In 2021, Conservative MP David Amess was murdered in his office by a Muslim extremist, apparently incensed by his support of Israel. Five years earlier, Labour MP Jo Cox died at the hands of a right-wing activist shouting, “Britain first.”