Lauren Boebert Declares “War” On Mayor Pete

After another train carrying hazardous materials derailed on Saturday, Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert blasted Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, describing him as a “toddler playing with his first toy train set.”

According to CBS News, a Canadian Pacific Kansas City Limited train derailed and caused a fire near Rockwood, Maine on Saturday morning but none of the hazardous materials caught fire.

The train derailment about 15 miles east of Jackman was likely caused by a “track washout,” which often occurs after heavy rains wash away ballast and roadway beneath the track. The crash sparked a small forest fire that was quickly “contained,” according to the Maine Forest Service. Three employees suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital.

Canadian Pacific said no one was evacuated from the area and there was no threat to public safety.

In a tweet on Saturday, Boebert quote-tweeted a photo from the scene of the derailment, saying that Secretary Buttigieg runs the “rail system like a toddler playing with his first toy train set.”

In a statement posted on Twitter Saturday, the Federal Railway Administration said a safety inspector was on the way to the site of the derailment and that agency was closely monitoring the situation.

On Monday, Boebert dinged Buttigieg again after he claimed during an interview with MSNBC’s Al Sharpton that “black and brown Americans” are more likely to die in car accidents than whites.

In a tweet Monday morning, the firebrand congresswoman noted that Buttigieg is unable to “fix the near-constant train derailments,” but has time to tell us “car accidents are caused by racism.” She sarcastically asked what we would do without Buttigieg’s “wisdom.”

Secretary Buttigieg is frequently a target of Boebert’s.

After the East Palestine train derailment in February, Boebert told Fox News host Dan Bongino that Buttigieg needed to watch more episodes of “Thomas the Tank Engine” to “understand how our infrastructure works.”