Kevin McCarthy Gives Endorsement to Trump

Since the 2016 presidential election , the Republican party has struggled mightily. While Donald Trump was able to become the 45th president after achieving a monumental upset victory over Hillary Clinton in that contest, Trumps brand of populist “in your face” politics has proven to be distasteful for many American voters. The Democratic party remains a potent political force, using identity politics to pander to large swaths of voters based solely on their creed, color, orientation, or even gender. By using these tactics, the party has formed a base of radical leftists motivated intensely by singular issues often irrelevant to the practical workings of federal politics. Republicans, on the contrary, have a message that is antiquated and only appears to be palatable to traditional working class national voters from historically American backgrounds. As the demographics of the country continue to shift (and the national culture of the past diminishes with it), Republicans have found themselves playing defense everywhere as their base declines and their relevance shrinks.

While Trump was able to move many working class voters that had been Democratically aligned into the party, he has been a negative force in terms of attracting key independent and moderate voters crucial for the party to compete nationally. Ultimately, the more affluent people in the country (who live in suburbs and urban centers in the northeast, Midwest, and west) have become staunchly Democratic.

These realities create an uphill battle for any Republican when attempting to win a presidential race nationwide, as the rural/urban divide amongst voters and partisan tendencies only exacerbates the effects of the electoral college. In a recent development, the former speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy endorsed Donald Trump for president. McCarthy was removed from the speakership by Democrats and a radical group of far right Republicans, throwing Washington into chaos and making the party look bad nationally speaking. McCarthy stated he would serve on Trumps cabinet if asked.