Ken Paxton Accused Of Going On ‘Revenge Tour’

In a recent article, the Dallas Morning News portrayed Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton as “dangerous,” citing many incidents in which Paxton went after his political rivals.

Following his September 2023 acquittal on accusations of corruption and bribery, the editorial board of the publication issued an opinion piece on Wednesday claiming that Paxton has been relentlessly pursuing revenge.

The Republican-controlled state House of Representatives impeached Paxton on 20 articles in May 2023. Nate Paul, a real estate developer and political donor, faced Federal allegations of bank fraud and making false claims. Paxton allegedly misused his position to shelter Paul, who has pled not guilty to all allegations. 

The most senior criminal court in Texas, the Court of Criminal Appeals, saw three judges removed from their positions in last week’s primary election. The article describes the removal of Justices Sharon Keller, Barbara Hervey, and Michelle Slaughter. With Paxton’s support, David Schenck, Gina Parker, and Lee Finley were declared winners of the election.

Deciding that a Texas attorney general did not have the power to pursue cases of voting fraud independently, three justices and five others issued a ruling against Paxton in December 2021.

While accusing the North Texas school districts of electioneering, the op-ed in The Dallas Morning News also mentioned Paxton’s cases. The Attorney General claimed that the school districts had used government resources to influence political opinion unconstitutionally.

Nonprofit Annunciation House provides vital assistance to migrants and asylum-seekers, and Paxton has taken a strong position in trying to have it shut down. This was noted in the op-ed.

Among Paxton’s many accusations against the nonprofit is that it helped people enter the country illegally, harbored immigrants, smuggled people, and ran a stash house.

With an important deadline looming, he served Annunciation House with an administrative subpoena in February, demanding records. The non-profit group promised to provide the required paperwork in a month.

Francisco Dominguez, a state district judge, rejected Paxton’s motion to shut down Annunciation House on Monday. He said that the AG’s behavior toward the organization makes one wonder about their real goals in attempting to impede the provision of critical social and humanitarian services.