Kari Lake Claims Roseanne Barr Should Be Trump’s VP Pick

Kari Lake, who ran for governor of Arizona as a Republican in 2010, said that she hopes Roseanne Barr would be Trump’s VP selection.

During a diverse conversation for the second installment of her eponymous program, Lake applauded comedian Barr, who just last weekend had an episode of her show published on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

A report shows the women had a lengthy conversation on many different topics, including their thoughts on the present condition of American politics and cosmetic surgery.

Lake said during the interview that Barr should be Trump’s choice for Vice President if he decides to choose a female Vice President.

Barr responded by laughing and said she would go wherever she might be beneficial and a sister citizen. She’s able to devote her time and energy to this cause because she believes that a government that is representative of the people must remain so for future generations.

Colton Duncan, a spokesman for Lake’s campaign, verified Lake’s appreciation of Barr in a statement given to media outlets. Duncan said having a comic as vice president would be a major upgrade over the joke we’ve got now.

The 40-minute interview with Barr has been seen over 60 thousand times since it was posted on September 30.

A report shows Roseanne Barr declared her presidential run in 2011 while on set at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Barr said she was serious about wanting to participate in the debates so that she could speak out for taxpayers. She then said she decided to appoint the taxpaying public as her vice president.

When Leno asked her about Sarah Palin, Barr said if Palin could do it, so could she. It was an inspiration for her to consider a presidential bid.

When Leno asked about her political membership, she said she didn’t support either party since she felt they were corrupt and ineffective.

She then declared she would create her own party. The Green Tea Party.

Barr, who had previously been a liberal on the left, shifted to the right throughout the 2010s.