Joe Manchin Slams Biden For Inaction On Border

Over the last several years, the quality of life in American cities has quickly deteriorated. In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd in the spring of 2020, far-leftist political activists and members of the black lives matter movement rioted in major urban centers, looting burning and causing serious damage to public and private property alike. In the weeks, months, and years following these events, progressive politicians and judicial officials have implemented radical legal and legislative policies and decisions that have severely limited the ability of law enforcement officers to police the streets, keep order, and maintain public safety. In many cases, when “lower” level crimes like petty theft, looting, and automobile robberies have occurred, those apprehended have not faced serious penalties in many states and cities run by Democrats.

One major city that has been notoriously affected is New York City on the east coast. As crime levels soar, the federal government and President Joe Bidens unwillingness or ability to address the porous southern border with Mexico has had drastic carryover effects on the city (and many others around the country). Since early 2021, millions of illegal migrants have been allowed to enter the country willingly- once they are “detained” by officials, they have been released into the interior of the country and most are never dealt with by legal officials again (not appearing at mandated court and immigration law proceedings). Migrants have been pouring into cities at record numbers- in New York, hotels and homeless shelters were filled to the brim with illegal foreign residents, who were allowed to stay there and provided for at taxpayer’s expenses.

Recently, Senator Joe Manchin of Virginia called out President Biden. Manchin claimed that the border crisis was Bidens “responsibility” and that he had to be pressured by Republicans to deal with it when he should have already been doing so on his own as commander in chief of the nation.