Joe Biden Photo Show He’s Using A Very Disturbing Cheat Sheet

At a press conference on Wednesday, the 80-year-old president was shown to know the answer to a question in advance thanks to a cheat sheet he had brought.

Journalist Courtney Subramanian from the Los Angeles Times must have emailed the White House an advance question (or vice versa) asking how Biden squares his domestic priorities, like reshoring semiconductor manufacturing while balancing alliance-based foreign policy. 

During a joint news conference with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol, the two leaders were discussing the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. The meeting coincided with the commemoration of the alliance’s 70th anniversary.

Biden administration officials, and the order in which they would deliver their remarks at the news conference, were listed on a separate cheat sheet.

It’s not the first time photojournalists have found Biden’s crib notes, fueling Republican concerns about his cognitive abilities.

In February, the president’s doctor said the president was physically healthy but refused to discuss the president’s mental status with the press.

In June of this year, photographers captured a pathetic cheat sheet with instructions that fell just short of saying, “you put one foot in front of the other. Now, you’re walking!! Yay!!!”

The oldest president in existence was given instructions to “enter the Roosevelt Room,” “say hello,” followed by, “YOU take YOUR seat.” 

A presidential staffer in July of 2021 kindly handed the president a note that read, “Sir, there is something on your chin.” A photographer also took a picture of the note.

Reports have surfaced that Biden gets frustrated when his staff tries to get in the way of his communications plan, even if doing so puts him in direct opposition to established government policy.

White House officials later had to distance themselves from Biden’s call for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s resignation following Russia’s surprise invasion of Ukraine in March.

On Tuesday, Biden declared his intention to run for the Democratic nomination for president again in 2024.

This would be entertaining if the world were not imperiled.