Joe Biden Faces Terrible Polling Week

President Joe Biden has just seen the lowest approval ratings of his term.

As he continues to argue to voters why he should win reelection in the face of his family’s business problems, banking failures, surging violence, the grim Afghan retreat, and an economy plagued by systemic inflation, polling data suggests that Biden is politically unstable.

To explain away the dismal poll results, Biden has blamed the mainstream media for reporting nothing but “negative news” over the past three years.

“I think all they’ve heard is negative news for three years,” Biden said to MSNBC. “It’s all bad news.”

Biden complains to a media that only carries the water for the left. Does he believe he’s suffered even a scintilla of what Trump endures?

Yet, according to a poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, Trump has a seven-point advantage over Biden, which is significantly larger than the margin of error. Only 32% of likely voters say they will support Biden, while another 6% say they probably will, and another 4% say they are leaning toward supporting Biden.

That is remarkable.

It’s surprising for the former president that Trump has such a significant lead over Biden just about a week after Biden began his reelection candidacy. It hadn’t happened since 1892 when Americans re-elected President Grover Cleveland, who had previously lost two presidential elections. Cleveland served as president twice, as the 22nd and 24th.

The public’s perception of the top government authorities in charge of economic policy reflects the growing anxiety of the American people. Americans have low confidence levels in all three of these leaders. Many are at or near record lows in Gallup’s twenty-year trend.

If the economy enters a recession later this year, the Republican nominee is almost assured a victory (in a fair election.)

The outcomes of elections in “swing states” are often determined by independent voters.

Most of those polled (76%) agree that Biden’s economy is doing poorly or inadequately. A mere 17% indicated it is in great shape. Sixty-four percent were unhappy with Biden’s economic and employment performance. Only 22% thought it was great.

To please Biden, the media should refrain from reporting reality.