Joe Biden Calls for Dangerous Woman to Lead EU

Joe Biden is advocating for the German President of the European Commission,

Ursula von der Leyen, despite the surrounding controversy, is being considered to assume the role of NATO secretary-general. 

The German parliament has established an investigative committee, considered the most powerful tool for scrutinizing governmental misconduct, to delve into the allocation of highly profitable contracts to external consultants within the Ministry of Defense. 

They will determine whether these contracts were awarded without adequate oversight and whether an informal network of personal connections played a role in facilitating these agreements.

The committee members assert that Ursula von der Leyen could potentially be the President of the European Commission through a vote in the European Parliament and will still be required to answer their inquiries regarding this case.

Biden’s stance follows his decision to reject the British defense secretary for the position, which might heighten the growing tension between the United States and Britain. 

Last month, von der Leyen had indicated her disinterest in the position. 

Biden’s endorsement of her could be interpreted as a harsher slight given that her home country, Germany, didn’t fulfill its NATO commitments and the dire condition of its military when she was defense secretary under Angela Merkel.

Previously, Biden supported a Danish socialist over Britain’s Ben Wallace, a military veteran, which is a move that further fuels the discord. 

The German military was deplorable during von der Leyen’s time as defense secretary, with less than 20% of its Tiger combat helicopters and less than a third of its Eurofighter jets deemed airworthy. 

Germany’s submarines are similarly deficient. Moreover, Germany’s tardy attempt to strengthen Ukraine’s military has reduced its artillery shells stockpile to approximately 20,000, roughly equivalent to what Russian forces use daily.

Despite suffering from significant military cutbacks, Britain fulfills its NATO obligations and generally aligns more closely with the US against Russia, unlike Germany.

Germany’s recent projects, such as Nord Stream, have significantly enriched Russia. 

This course of events will likely be perceived as a severe snub towards Britain, potentially exacerbating the rift between the two allies.