Jesse Waters Fantasizes About Having Secret Footage Of Coworker

Jesse Watters from Fox News created a fake scenario about stalking an employee working remotely. His co-hosts laughed, but Jeanine Pirro shut him down and said he could be charged with harassment.

During the panel, Watters expressed his thoughts on employees who refuse to work in a physical office while discussing remote working and the challenges companies face in retaining talent.

Watters explained that he would take specific actions if he owned a company and his employees demanded to work remotely. Watters suggested that he would begin by garnishing wages and docking vacation days, and then he hinted at another action he would take. 

The Fox News host suggested sending private security guards to the person’s house on a random Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock to investigate their activities.

Watters imagined finding her at the mall. Perhaps she is at TGI Fridays, enjoying some cocktails. Perhaps there is a video of her trying on blouses at Ann Taylor.

The host from Fox News riffed on the idea, much to the amusement of himself (as well as others.)

He said he would allow her a chance to tell the truth if he discovered she was lying about work. He would ask if she was working on the project on Thursday afternoon. If she lies and claims she is, he will present her with evidence that she was drinking cocktails and trying on blouses. 

He said if she asked if he was following her, he would inform her that he would use his company’s resources for trivial matters as he sees fit. “I am the Chief Executive Officer of this company!” he would declare.

Watters mused that if she stated that she would file an HR complaint against him, he would say she couldn’t file one because she was fired!

Then he informed the listeners that he would employ an individual half her age and compensate her with half of her salary.

Pirro responded that the woman would accuse him of stalking and harassment.

Watters stated that he would assemble a group of lawyers to contest the charges.