Jesse Smollet Hoax Brothers, Endorse Donald Trump

The two brothers who allegedly orchestrated the Jussie Smollett hoax declared Thursday on Newsmax that they back former President Donald Trump and cautioned black voters against taking in too much “propaganda.”

Smollett claimed that two guys yelled anti-gay and racist slurs at him while they poured bleach on him and tied a noose around his neck in Chicago in 2019. Before it was revealed to be a fake, police investigated the incident as a possible hate crime.

Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo appeared on the show to discuss their experiences with the hoax and its aftermath.

During the interview, Eric Bolling noted that Olabinjo wore a MAGA hat. Bolling asked him how he felt about “MAGA country”? 

Olabinjo said that he and his brother “support all of our presidents,” and first and foremost, they’re Americans. He said what’s happening with President Trump right now is a tragedy and shouldn’t be going the way it is.

Olabinjo continued claiming that black Americans only had one way of perceiving Donald Trump.

He said most blacks are taking in propaganda. “My brother and I approach things in our way by considering all of the available options before making a final decision,” he said.

Smollett, who is Black and gay, initially informed police that Trump supporters had assaulted him. He said his assailants attacked him while using racist slurs and phrases like “this is MAGA country” before allegedly attempting to hang him with a rope. 

Trump’s fans, political campaigns, and allies frequently utilize the slogan “MAGA,” which stands for “Make America Great Again.

The Osundairo brothers insist that they were just duped into participating in the hoax by Smollett. After the fraud was exposed, they filed a defamation lawsuit against Smollett and his attorneys.

But many Americans were duped by Smollett into thinking the attack was actual. Former California Senator and current Vice President Kamala Harris described the incident on Twitter as “an attempted modern-day lynching.”