Jamaal Bowman Charged For Pulling Fire Alarm

Last month, as lawmakers scrambled to prevent a government shutdown, Democrat New York Representative Jamaal Bowman was charged by prosecutors on Capitol Hill last Wednesday with setting off a fire alarm in a House office building.

A statement from the DC Attorney General’s office said Bowman would plead guilty to the single count of false fire alarm and will pay a fine of $1,000. The charges would be withdrawn if Bowman formally apologizes to the Capitol Police and pays a fine.

Bowman was seen on camera three weeks ago activating the House alarm during a vote. The government would have shut down if Democrats hadn’t bought themselves enough time to go through a temporary budget package designed by Republicans. Bowman has been accused of deliberately activating the fire alarm as a delay tactic, but he argued that it was an accident and didn’t realize it was a fire alarm.

RNC Research released a new video that tells a different tale. There is no evidence that Bowman checked the doors to exit. Instead, he is shown taking down the two caution signs from each entrance, pulling the alarm, and returning from where he came.

According to reports, pulling the alarm and stopping the voting while Capitol Police evacuated the building gives even more credence to the idea that this was intentional conduct.

For activating the fire alarm at the US Capitol building, Jamaal Bowman was charged with a felony by the DC attorney general.

On Thursday, he turned himself in at the police station to be processed, fingerprinted, and photographed.

Ben Bergquam of Real Americas Voice questioned Rep. Bowman on Thursday regarding his goals and recent criminal activity in which Bowman hindered Congressional processes.

Bowman feigned to take a phone call to evade Bergquam’s questioning, but he only did so until he saw a group of like-minded journalists.

Bergquam asked Bowman that since he had been a school principal, how could he not know what a fire alarm was? Why shouldn’t he be treated the same way the January 6 defendants are?