Iran Report Claims Hamas Has Only Used 10% Of Arsenal

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has only deployed 10–12% of its weaponry in the two-month conflict with Israel, as revealed by an Iranian official.

If the ceasefire deal falls apart in the following days, this means that Tehran is keeping a careful eye on Hamas’s armament supply to make sure it can continue attacking Israel. According to reports, Iran aided Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas in plotting the assault on October 7 that killed over 1,200 Israelis and sparked regional hostilities. Iran has long supplied these groups with weapons to wage war against Israel.

Fajr-3 rockets, a sophisticated artillery rocket based on North Korean designs, had also been supplied to the terror organization by Tehran before Hamas assaulted Israel. These revelations occur at a time when Iran is trying to increase its stock of sophisticated military equipment, which it may provide to groups it considers proxies in its struggle against terror.

Now, the IDF is fighting inside Gaza City, in neighborhoods beset with tunnels, among people, near hospitals, schools, and mosques. Despite Israel’s best-equipped and most technologically advanced army, this is still an unequal conflict. Members of Hamas have shown off their updated weaponry, which includes antitank missiles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers that they fire from their shoulders. Over the last decade, weapons originating from conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Sudan, as well as those produced by Iran and North Korea, have made their way to the Gaza Strip via land crossings, the sea, and tunnels.

Modern sniper rifles, paragliders, RPGs, “magnet bombs,” mini-subs, land mines, antitank missiles, long-range rockets, and one-way attack drones are just some of the weaponry that Israel has been carefully monitoring in Hamas’ arsenal. The United States has labeled Hamas and its militants as terrorist groups, yet their brigades resemble “state armies” due to their level of training and weaponry.

To evade Israeli airstrikes and sophisticated intelligence agencies, Hamas uses a complex system of tunnels under the Gaza Strip to store and transport supplies and weapons, as well as to train and house its militants. If Israel goes through with its intentions for a big ground attack, Hamas might use the tunnels to hide and conduct ambushes.