Internet Frenzied After Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow

Recently, the former media host of Fox News Tucker Carlson was spotted in Moscow, Russia. This has triggered a plethora of rumors and speculative assumptions about the journalist and the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Carlson arrived in Moscow on February 1st 2024 and was seen attending a performance at the Bolshoi Theater in the capital of the city. This was allegedly reported by a Russian media outlet known as Mash. People have wondered why Carlson would venture to eastern Europe and the Russian capital of Moscow. Some even alleged that Carlson may have been attempting to interview the president Vladimir Putin. Carlson has been highly critical of the conflict occurring in Ukraine, and while he has not defended Russia, he has definitely made it clear that he does not fully support the cause of Ukraine or the lavish federal aid and government spending that has been authorized for the conflict.

The Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been quite vocal of late, as per usual, and she defended Carlson on “X”, formerly known as Twitter. Greene accused the rumors surrounding Carlson in Moscow as Democratic propaganda. She claimed that freedom of the press is essential and gave Carlson the credit for “telling the truth”. She claimed that many Americans depend on him for fair, honest journalism. Responding to rumors, a state backed media agency in Russia claimed that it would have to “wait and see” if Carlson would indeed have an audience with the Russian president Vladimir Putin. This statement had originally been made in 2023.

Carlson had previously claimed that he had attempted to interview Putin, first making these comments in September 2023. Carlson alleged that the United States federal government had prevented this from occurring. He told this to the Swiss Magazine, Die Weltwoche. Newsweek had reached out to Carlson for comment. Ultimately, Carlson has a sizeable following and has remained relevant even after leaving Fox News network.