Illinois Man Lied to Woman about Flat Tire Before Kidnapping

On Monday, investigators revealed that a guy from the Northern Chicago area abducted a lady from Wisconsin in February after claiming his victim had a flat tire.

Jonatan Luna-Carrasco, 28, was taken into custody over the weekend by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office on suspicions that he was involved in the kidnapping that occurred on February 25.

According to authorities, a lady called 911 in Lake County just after 2 a.m. on February 25 to report that an unknown guy had abducted her companion. As they drove home from a nightclub, the lady and her 22-year-old companion from Whitewater, Wisconsin, had just departed. According to officials, on US Route 41, Luna-Carrasco drove his car alongside theirs and said they had a flat tire.

They pulled over when he offered to fix the tire.

According to the police, he urged the woman to remain warm in his vehicle.

According to the sheriff’s office, after the victim got into Luna-Carrasco’s car, he jumped behind the wheel and took off with her. The woman jumped out of the the vehicle on Highland Avenue and ran to a home, asking for help.

Automated license plate scanners helped identify Luna-Carrasco, according to Covelli.

After discovering that he was behind the wheel of a gray Durango, the police were able to link him to a corresponding vehicle using footage from Flock Safety’s video cameras.  This system detects license plates and notifies the authorities of a specific car’s whereabouts.

Several suburban areas and over 20 municipalities in Lake County are already using the fixed-point Flock cameras.

Law enforcement agencies exchange camera data and then destroy the data after a certain amount of time.

According to investigators, Luna-Carrasco was trying to transport the lady to a different crime scene. After seizing her, he reportedly made provocative statements, but it is unclear what he meant to do.

He is now detained in the Lake County Jail for a court appearance on Monday. He was arrested in Waukegan on March 30.

According to investigators, Luna-Carrasco has a history of kidnappings.