Ilhan Omar Baselessly Claims Tucker Carlson Put Lives In Danger

The controversial Democrat representative from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, herself called a hater, has accused Tucker Carlson of being the “King of Hate.”

In 2019, after Omar’s comments about Israel infuriated congressional allies of the Jewish state, the House voted to condemn all forms of bigotry.

Although Omar is not explicitly named in the resolution, anti-Semitic tropes she has used in the past have been highlighted. 

Omar has since apologized for her comments. 

The final number of votes was 407. House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney was one of the 23 Republicans who voted against the resolution. 

Right-leaning conservatives made up the bulk of the “no” vote. Furthermore, Iowa Republican Steve King voted “present.”

In this context, during an interview with Mehdi Hasan on MSNBC on Tuesday, Representative Omar, the “queen of hate,” ironically crowned the former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson “the king of hate” and claimed he risked lives with his show every day.

The representative said she would keep working to ensure the Biden administration treats anti-Muslim prejudice and violence with the same seriousness as attacks on other faith groups after a Minnesota man was charged with burning two mosques and vandalizing Omar’s office.

Hasan reminded Omar that Islamophobia, racism, and bigotry don’t come out of the blue. Inciting factors exist. Some people actively promote and advocate for it. One media outlet that immediately comes to mind fired its most popular cable host, Tucker Carlson.

Hasan then asked Omar for her opinions on Fox News’ decision to fire Carlson, after which he presented a collection of clips showing Carlson labeling Omar “loathsome” and a representative of America’s failed immigration system.

Omar asserted that Tucker was the “king of hate,” who delighted in spreading fear and scapegoating minorities like immigrants and Muslims. She said it was clear that he was a replacement-theory merchant and that many mass murderers’ manifestos that singled out Muslims mentioned him by name.

Because of where he could wind up and the kind of platform he could have, Omar said she was relieved and worried by Carlson’s firing. She added that this man’s divisive words made it hard to get people to realize how many lives were in peril.

After years of back-and-forth insults between Carlson and the congresswoman, Omar called on advertisers to boycott Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2019.