Hunter Biden Texts With Devon Archer Demonstrate Power Peddling

In a series of 2019 texts sent to his former business partner, first son Hunter Biden defended his family’s name when asked why they didn’t intervene when the Obama-Biden DOJ arrested him. He insisted that his friend was “a Biden” and that his legal troubles were the “price of power.”

According to text texts obtained by media outlets, Biden and Devon Archer had a tense exchange on March 6, 2019, almost a month before Archer’s father declared his candidacy for president.

Archer questioned Biden about why officials appointed by his father’s administration attempted to have him arrested.  Why would they want to harm Archer’s family and his children without any of Hunter’s relatives doing anything to stop them? 

Archer continued, saying he was upset and their Chinese business colleagues were asking him the same questions.

Hunter Biden attempted to illustrate that even in power, you are more susceptible to the overreach of government branches.

In response, Archer said that he felt “depressed” but that he loved Hunter Biden regardless. The rest of his family sucked.

According to a report, after a federal investigation into his alleged theft from a Native American tribe began in May 2016, Archer resigned from BHR Partners.

In court, federal prosecutors said Archer and two co-defendants stole over sixty million dollars from the Oglala Sioux Tribe by purchasing bonds from the tribe without intending to convert them into annuities.

To “build a financial services mega-company,” as the three claimed, they put those resources to better use.

After his conviction, Archer asked for and received a new trial from Judge Abrams, but a federal appeals court later confirmed his conviction.

According to a report, the Biden Justice Department tried to spook Devon Archer in the days leading up to his hearing before the House Oversight Committee. The Biden Department of Justice issued a letter requiring his presence in jail days before the hearing.

Republicans in the House demanded that legislators come to Washington to examine the matter after a Congressional witness was harassed by the Department of Justice.