Hunter Biden Biolab Partner Linked To Ghislaine Maxwell 

( -Almost half a million dollars were put into the Ukrainian biotech startup Metabiota by Hunter Biden’s firm, Rosemont Seneca. While Hunter Biden’s father, Joe Biden, was vice president and the globalist West was hardening its position towards Russia, Hunter Biden allegedly served as an unofficial lobbyist and fundraiser for Metabiota, raising millions of dollars for the corporation that conducted pathogen research.  

To collaborate on projects involving Biolabs in Ukraine, Hunter even connected Metabiota with the business Burisma, of which he was a board member. Under the Obama-Biden administration, Metabiota began working as a defense contractor for the United States government. 

Anxieties have been raised about the potential use of Biolab’s toxic ingredients to fuel bioterrorism in Ukraine and elsewhere. 

In Ukraine, Biolabs were set up by the Metabiota corporation led by Nathan Wolfe, a partner of, oddly enough, Ghislaine Maxwell.  

According to Nathan Wolfe’s LinkedIn, he is a virologist in San Francisco who established the startup Metabiota. Nathan Wolfe was the chairman and CEO until very recently.  

According to documents, Nathan Wolfe, the alleged “virus hunter,” introduced the TerraMar Project, supposedly Ghislaine Maxwell’s brainchild.  

In 2014, Ghislaine Maxwell was featured in an overwhelmingly positive profile in The Huffington Post. 

The Maxwells play a crucial role in international politics. At least two of Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephews worked for the Obama-Biden administration. One worked for Hillary Clinton’s State Department, while the other worked for Barack Obama in the White House. Accused human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a close ally of Ghislaine Maxwell, gained entry into the globalist elite in the 1970s while working as an investment manager for Edgar Bronfman, the father of heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman who headed the NXIVM human trafficking cult.  

Ghislaine Maxwell’s nephew worked on the Libya problem for Hillary Clinton during her Benghazi-tainted stint as Secretary of State, and Sara Bronfman came close to becoming the First Lady of Libya after Clinton’s ouster of Muammar Gaddafi. 

The United States has acknowledged the existence of bio labs in Ukraine supported by the United States Department of Defense.  

Meanwhile, the Russian government has made alarming claims that U.S.-funded Ukrainian facilities are home to bioweapons research that might be deployed against foes of the Western globalist administration.  

This is begging for a deeper dive investigation.