Hostage Deal Struck Between Israel, Hamas

Israel and Hamas on Thursday agreed to extend the temporary ceasefire for at least one more day to allow additional hostages kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 to be released in exchange for Israel releasing Hamas prisoners, CBS News reported.

The temporary truce first began on November 24 and was initially scheduled to last only four days. It was then extended for another two days and set to end at 7:00 a.m. local time on Thursday, November 30 before it was extended for another day.

The Israeli Defense Forces announced the extension Thursday morning, saying in light of the ongoing efforts to release additional hostages, the “operational pause” would continue.

As part of the terms for the ongoing ceasefire, Israeli intelligence is to be provided a daily list of the names of the hostages who were expected to be released in each round before the handover. In a statement Thursday morning, the Prime Minister’s office said the war cabinet unanimously decided on Wednesday night that fighting would resume “immediately” if Hamas did not provide such a list on Thursday.

After Hamas provided a list that included the names of women and children to be released, the ceasefire was extended for another day.

On Wednesday, talks involving mediators from Qatar, Egypt, and the United States were held in Doha in hopes of extending the ceasefire. Meanwhile, both Israel and Hamas indicated that they would be open to an extension.

Under the current truce, Israel has been releasing about three Hamas prisoners for every one hostage released by Hamas. So far, Hamas has only been releasing the women and children, however, it is possible the men still held hostage could be included in a future deal.

Another sixteen hostages were released on Wednesday, bringing the total number released in the last week to around one hundred. Meanwhile, Israel has freed 210 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons.