Home Depot Founder Hits Biden For Outrageous Claims

(PresidentialDaily.org)- Bernard “Bernie” Marcus, The Home Depot co-founder, nailed Friday’s Silicon Valley Bank disaster and the Joe Biden administration. 

In an interview with Fox Business News (FBN), “Cavuto Live,”  93-year-old Marcus,  who retired from Home Depot in 2002, sympathized with account holders who may have lost millions. Marcus chastised SVB officials who managed to sell their stock in the bank weeks before the implosion and warned Americans about what the SVB collapse could mean for the economy and the Biden presidency. 

Marcus remarked that he felt sorry for anyone who lost money at this woke bank. It was worse to learn that bank executives sold their shares weeks before. Marcus told Neil Cavuto that it depresses him and that the Justice Department would probably not pursue them. 

He hoped Biden would continue his statement on how well the economy is growing and strengthening daily. Marcus informed Cavuto that everyone could safely assume that everything Biden says is untrue. 

Maybe the American public will realize that we are in a period of great difficulty and that a recession might have already begun. Marcus stated that the economy’s collapse in Biden’s third year in office was pitiful. 

Marcus thought it was sad that anytime something goes wrong under the Biden administration, Democrats can only point fingers upon former President Donald Trump. The Biden administration was to blame because it pressured businesses to support leftist causes rather than focusing on the primary reason they existed in the first place: to generate money for their investors. 

With the Fed’s rate hikes, inflation remains stubbornly high. Many are having a hard time. Due to financial difficulties, people are unable to meet their financial obligations. They are unable to refuel their vehicles. That’s not a good indicator, Marcus said. 

Reports show that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) aims to transform profit-driven corporations into non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with progressive values.

According to Business Insider, around 500,000 people are employed by Home Depot’s North American division. It has 2,300 locations in over 40 years since the company was founded.