He’s “Movin’ Out”

Data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can assess how many people from the blue state of New York make the red state of Florida their new home. Applying for a license is a trusted metric since it suggests migration will be permanent.

In 2021, 61,728 New Yorkers relocated to Florida. An additional 15,595 people in the fourth quarter of 2022 made their homestead in the Sunshine State.

In the first three months of 2023, tens of thousands of New Yorkers left the city for sunny climes to escape the rising crime rate, astronomical home prices, oppressive tax burden, and skyrocketing home heating prices.

Despite “don’t say gay,” “book banning,” “attacks on transgenders,” “Attacks on ESG,” and attacks on Mickey Mouse, Florida, the land of the evil DeSantis, still looks good.

The Piano Man is one high-profile person who has made the decision to leave New York for Florida. 

Yes, Billy Joel is “movin’ out.” After over two decades, he is no longer in a “New York state of mind.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Billy Joel has put his 26-acre estate in Centre Island, New York, on the market for $49 million. Centre Island is located about 40 miles east of Midtown Manhattan.

Joel has been refurbishing the North Shore of Long Island home for several years in preparation for a sale.

In  2002, the singer/songwriter paid $22.5 million for the property. A few additional plots of land were added to the original 14 acres.

The mansion, whose name is Middlesea, is near Joel’s childhood home in Hicksville, a hamlet in the nearby town of Oyster Bay.

Joel, 74, plans to spend a lot of time in the Sunshine State, making it his permanent home rather than a vacation getaway.

His Manalapan mansion, South of Palm Beach, was initially listed in 2018 for $31.9 million. In November of 2022, it was once again put on the market. 

It’s been reported that Joel is looking at real estate in other parts of the region.

There is no word on whether he will vote for Desantis or not.