Hamas Terrorist Allegedly Tried To Sell Head Of Soldier

Terrorists in Gaza auctioned off the severed head of Israeli soldier Adir Tahar for $10,000 after Hamas militants beheaded him on October 7.

As they rampaged across southern Israel and butchered 1,200 Israelis, the terrorists tossed grenades at the 19-year-old soldier, killing him. The assailants proceeded to decapitate the young soldier before returning to Gaza with their trophy. After burying his son’s dismembered corpse, David Tahar vowed to bring him home and provide him “peace of mind and body” since he was too distraught to cope with the loss.

Israeli Defense Forces personnel spent 2.5 months searching for Adir’s head, which they eventually found inside a freezer in a duffel bag containing tennis balls.

Two terrorists from Hamas were interrogated, and it came to light that one of them had attempted to sell Adir’s head in Gaza for $10,000. David sought the severed head of his son after seeing a disturbing video of his son’s corpse online.

The brutal death and beheading of Adir further illuminate terrorists’ brutal assault on October 7. The Health Ministry, which Hamas manages, reports that 24,000 Palestinians have been killed thus far as a result of Israel’s brutal shelling of Gaza. Medical professionals have recounted the horrific events of October 7, when a group of masked terrorists stormed a southern Israeli town armed with assault weapons and grenades, killing whole families in their homes.

International demands for a truce have been fueled by a larger humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza characterized by the danger of starvation and illness, while the plight of those still held captive has captivated Israeli society.

As part of a recently negotiated agreement, the Israeli Defense Forces increased their attacks on the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis today in anticipation of the delivery of medication to captives in return for humanitarian supplies.