GOP Set Sights On GOP Leader 

( Michigan Republicans found it difficult to regain their footing after the midterms. 

They’ve been harmed by their divisive state party head, Kristina Karamo. 

Some Republican state officials in Michigan are concerned that Karamo’s radical ideas on election fraud and human evolution may further isolate the party from the electorate. 

Dennis Lennox, a senior Michigan GOP organizer, told the Washington Examiner. 

That the nominal head of the Republican Party in Michigan lost an election by over 600,000 votes and denied that she lost that election.  He said Kristina Karamo couldn’t even raise a penny, unlike Stacey Abrams, who at least can grift. 

Karamo came up 14 points short in the contest for secretary of state of Michigan in 2022. 

Her defeat was far worse for the Republicans than the ones for governor and attorney general. 

Karamo says she lost the election due to electoral malpractice. 

Last week, Karamo received further backlash for her social media posts that compared gun restrictions to the Holocaust. 

According to Lennox, she won the election for Michigan Republican chair and beat Matt DePerno, a candidate for attorney general in 2022 who had the support of former President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, the truth is that she doesn’t know how to win an election for dog catcher, much alone an open United States Senate seat in 2024 or carrying Michigan for whatever the Republican presidential candidate is. 

David Trott, a former congressman for Michigan’s Republican Party, said the state’s current Republican leadership does not deserve donations. 

Trott told the Detroit Free Press last month that party leaders in his state could not operate a Popsicle stand. 

Donors stopped supporting Trump-aligned Michigan Republicans in 2022. 

Longtime Party donors stayed on the sidelines although constant warnings of the possibility of what happened on Election Day loomed: a sweep and complete Democratic party control, which hasn’t happened in 40 years in Michigan, according to a memo written by the state party’s chief of staff in November. 

Michigan’s wealthy and well-known DeVos family, including former Education Secretary Besty DeVos, reportedly stopped contributing to the state party. 

Republicans in Michigan have been mum.