GOP Rebels Against Radical Gender Law

America has been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war for many years. One issue which has become the focus of national attention in recent years has been that of transgenderism and related gender identity and LGBTQ ideologies. In public schools (often in left-wing and politically progressively controlled states), the issue has been a central focus. In California and New Jersey, controversial policies have been enacted in public schools that required teachers and other school administrators not to inform parents if their child arrived on school grounds wishing to identify as a gender other than their biological one or if they wished to be called a name differing from their legal one given at birth. While many parents have protested and school board meetings have been extremely tense in regions of both these states, recent state legislative elections show that the firm majority of the electorate in both are decidedly in favor or indifferent towards the new curriculum changes. Ultimately, concerned parents will have to leave the state, homeschool their children or send them to private institutions to avoid these new policies.

Two teachers in California won a lawsuit that related to the policies. They had been placed on leave after failing to comply with the aforementioned policy. A federal judge had voted in their favor after over a year of litigation. Many teachers do not feel comfortable enforcing the new guidelines which conservatives and those on the right wing of the political spectrum claim are an infringement of parental rights and an effort by the government to supersede parental authority over children.

The Biden administration’s department of health and human services has proposed a new rule that has attempted to bar families who do not subscribe to transgenderism or gender identity ideologies from being able to have foster children. Many senate Republicans have opposed this move that totally goes against traditional values and the foundational roots of the nuclear family.