GOP Gains Massive Victory Over The Border

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), the installation of razor wire in Eagle Pass, Texas, has significantly reduced the flow of illegal migrants in the region.

Several other governors joined Abbott to demonstrate their support for Texas’s right to self-defense in the face of an influx of illegal migrants at the southern border. This occurs at a time when Abbott is embroiled in a continuing fight with the Biden administration over border policy.

According to Abbott, the placement of razor wire has resulted in a significant decrease in influx, and as a result, these governors are banding together in Texas to defend the right to self-defense. Three thousand to four thousand individuals were passing that region of the park in Eagle Pass before the concertina wire was placed.

According to Abbott, they had seen an average of just three persons passing that region over the last three days.  Texas can take care of the border. Biden needs to stay out of it.

According to the CBP, the number of apprehensions decreased from 71,000 in December 2023 to a little over 16,700 in January 2024. There was a 76% drop in only one month.

The Biden administration has claimed that the expanded installation of razor wire along Texas’s border with Mexico violates the Constitution.

Last month, Texas encircled a park in Eagle Pass with razor wire and a barrier without informing the federal government.

The federal government claimed that border officers were unable to execute their duties due to the presence of razor wire.  The Supreme Court determined that they were free to remove the wire.

The National Guard of Texas is still installing the wire.  The governor of Texas has reiterated his call for an invasion, citing President Biden’s inaction as the reason. Amid Texas’s impasse with the Biden administration, other Republican governors have rallied behind the Lone Star State, approving of the right to self-defense against invasion and injury.