GOP Fight Turns Into Outright Brawl, Cops Called

The police were called after reports of a fight between two Michigan Republican state senators. On Saturday, The Detroit News spoke with one of the men involved in an interview conducted in the hospital’s emergency ward.

A middle finger raised during the Pledge of Allegiance set the tone for the incident. Both verbal and physical knockdowns took place.

An altercation broke out amongst Republican legislators on Saturday during a state party committee meeting at the Doherty Hotel in downtown Clare, Michigan, as Craig Mauger of the Detroit News reported. 

Controversial James Chapman, a Republican in Wayne County, and Mark DeYoung, the leader of the Republicans in Clare County, talked to the Detroit News about the incident. 

After the fight, DeYoung called from the hospital to explain what happened.

During the GOP struggle, there was a Pledge of Allegiance in the hall, a doorknob wiggle, a bird flip, a table flip, a groin punt, and a fractured rib.

DeYoung said to Mauger on the phone that he kicked him “in the balls” as soon as he opened the door,” referring to Chapman, who was upset that the meeting was restricted to committee members only.

DeYoung said the fight worsened when Chapman charged at him and shoved him into a chair. DeYoung said he injured a rib in the incident.

According to Chapman, DeYoung tried to punch him and threatened to kick his a$$. 

DeYoung denied the claims.

According to Chapman, he took off his glasses sometime during the imbroglio.

He said if you see him take off his spectacles, you know he’s “ready to rock.”

According to Chapman, he was the one who grabbed DeYoung’s legs, making him stumble.

And so it goes on.

DeYoung told the Detroit News that he plans to file charges after what happened.

A second member of the state committee, Kristin Lee, clarified on Twitter that, contrary to what was reported in the Detroit News, the fight did not break out over any differences amongst the guests.