GOP Congressman Roasted For Promoting Church/State Separation

According to reports, Republican Representative Max Miller of Ohio recently came under fire from conservatives of all stripes for criticizing a social media message in which a Christian woman expressed her trust in God.

Woman and Republican activist Lizzie Marbach said on X that there was no hope for any one of us outside of having trust in Jesus Christ alone.

Miller retorted that it was one of the most prejudiced tweets he’d ever seen and demanded she delete it. He told her that in America, people of all faiths are guaranteed religious freedom and that she overstepped her bounds.

Clearly, he didn’t see the irony in his statement.

Miller was then slammed by Republicans and Conservatives alike.

The host of the Daily Wire podcast, Matt Walsh, asked him if the people who elected him realized that he called the teachings of the Christian faith “bigoted.” He supposed they do now. He wished him good luck in his next election.

A report shows that Marbach’s biography on Ohio Right to Life says that the only route ahead in the struggle against abortion is to let The Bible alone define the problem and to resist the impulse to remove God from the discourse.

The biography says that she believes Scripture is our absolute authority and final direction in all things, even politics.

However, the discourse took an unexpected turn when Minnesota’s Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, came out in strong support of Marbach.

She said that Miller was harassing individuals who freely express their faith and that stating the essential principles of one’s religion isn’t prejudiced, as Marbach did. Omar subsequently added that it was her true view. Miller might disagree, but it isn’t prejudiced for her to speak what she believes, and that’s it.

Miller later said his first tweet sent a message he did not intend, and he apologized.

Omar was removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee because she made statements about Israel that many people saw as anti-Semitic, and Miller was the principal author of the motion that drove the Republican Party to take this action.