GOP Bill Would Give Lethal Power To National Guard

Legislation authorizing the use of deadly force by the National Guard against armed intruders attempting to breach the US/Mexico border into the US was presented this month by a group of Republican congressmen.

The Republican from Texas, Morgan Luttrell, has referred the Defend Our Borders from Armed Invaders Act to the House Committee on Armed Services.

Reports show that passage of the bill would provide the National Guard the authority to resist armed individuals trying to enter the US from Mexico, as stated in the bill’s description. No one has seen the whole wording of the bill.

The bill is essential to combat the flourishing of drug cartels and traffickers along the porous border, according to a statement by Luttrell, a former Navy SEAL.  As a result of the national security catastrophe that President Biden’s actions have caused, violent criminality along the border is becoming worse and seeping into our neighborhoods.   Smugglers and members of the cartels have a history of resorting to violence in their pursuit of illegal immigration and narcotics along the southern border.  This bill is a positive development toward controlling this crime since it gives the National Guard the authority to prevent these armed persons from entering the US by whatever means required.

Last summer, drone footage showed smugglers brandishing machetes as they threatened and assaulted migrants near the riverbank in Matamoros, Mexico, forcing them to walk into Brownsville, Texas.

This action by Luttrell occurs at the same time as Texas is embroiled in a complex legal battle with the federal government regarding how to stop the huge influx of illegal immigrants.   Texas Governor Abbott said that the unprecedented invasion was precipitated by President Biden’s policies and that the state must now defend itself.

The measure is co-sponsored by Republican Representatives Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee, Brandon Williams of New York, Chuck Edward of North Carolina, Michael Guest of Mississippi, Brian Babin of Texas, and Mike Collins of Georgia.