Google Ordered To Pay $1.1M Over Discrimination Lawsuit

Ulku Rowe, a Google Cloud female executive, was awarded $1.1 million in a gender discrimination case against the liberal tech giant Google.

Reports show Rowe filed a lawsuit against Google, saying the Silicon Valley business discriminated against her for raising concerns and paying equal pay to men with less experience.

Rowe claimed in her case that the firm retaliated against her for making complaints (both internally and in court) by paying less experienced male classmates more and preventing her from being promoted.

According to Bloomberg Law, the jury awarded Rowe punitive damages and compensation for her emotional distress from Google. The jury concluded that Rowe failed to prove that Google had broken New York law by compensating her less than her male colleagues, even if Google had treated Rowe differently from other workers because of her gender.

A report shows the “woke” corporation has had trouble in the past living up to its boasts of being a leader in progressive policy towards women. Google settled a gender discrimination dispute for a large sum last year.

Not only will Google have to pay a hundred million dollars, but it will also be exposed to outside scrutiny. According to the report, the court has ordered Google to hire outside agencies to investigate its human resources policies and pay equity for three years.

Media reports indicate Google has a history of going out of its way to make accommodations for women and minorities. This includes a culture that seems to tolerate harassment against staff who express even the mildest disagreement against forced diversity policies. There is also widespread hatred of males and white people, and managers are given handouts warning them not to cater to “white” culture.

In a document drafted by Google’s HR department instructing managers on how to be “inclusive,” which was revealed by James Damore’s 2018 class-action lawsuit against the company, managers were warned to avoid rewarding employees for traits valued by ‘American, white, male-dominant culture,’ such as personal accomplishment and meritocracies.