“Friends” Star Exposes Gen Z For How Weird They Really Are 

(PresidentialDaily.org) -Courtney Cox posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday in which she gave members of Generation Z a hilarious and stinging send-up. 

At the outset of the clip we witness Cox looking through her social media feeds on her phone and taking inspiration from photos she finds there. 

The 58-year-old “Friends” star tries to pass as a female from the current Generation Z, and she succeeded, although in an absurd way. 

Cox was shown in the video looking through her closet for some clothes to wear while Sam Smith’s “Unholy” played in the background. After she finished getting “dolled up,” she ensured that her 12.1 million followers saw her ripped abs. She stepped into the frame with a short crop top and baggy, patterned pants. 

She then asks in a caption, “Am I slaying this right?” 

According to Cox, “Look at these Gen Z girls—they’re so cute!” She says in the clip that she wants to “do that.” 

The video follows her as she arduously tries to transform herself into an acceptable gen- z type gal. 

The actress was seen in close-ups applying the trendy cat-like eyeliner. She contours her face and cheekbones, and then she loads up the lip color. 

She then mocked the current hairstyle trend by putting her hair in pigtails and merely pulling a few straight strnds out to set off her features. 

Cox proved she remained faithful to the form she had developed for her Gen Z character by maintaining her mockery of millennials’ and Gen Zers’ defining personality traits. She posed for a series of selfies, as is par for the course for a member of that generation, against the wall next to her closet. 

The actress made a number of comically exaggerated faces for the camera as she took selfies, while her dogs observed in amusement. She pushed her tongue out and flashed the peace sign to the camera while she was enjoying herself in her new role. 

The video cut off abruptly when a man yelled her name, stopping her in her tracks. 

When realizing that he had returned home, she said, “Oh sh*t!” as the video cut off abruptly.