Freedom from Religion Foundation Threatens Auburn University

The United States remains a country without identity, lost within a divided, broken national environment. As volatile natural weather events have wreaked havoc over numerous regions within the nation in both the western and eastern spheres, the domestic economy remains unstable. Working class families continue to grapple with the soaring cost of living and high rates of inflation. Illegal migration into America remains a serious problem, occurring at a record pace. These migrants, often arriving without any understanding of the English language and with little education compete directly for jobs with the struggling lower and shrinking middle classes. Paired with all this, on the international level foreign rivals of America have been emboldened by the timid and feckless leadership of the 46th President Joe Biden. China continues to act aggressively in the pacific, and Russia remains stagnated in conflict in Ukraine. Ultimately, the entire world seems as if it is on the brink of calamity.

Along with the many international crises currently facing America, even the most basic principles of American liberty are being questioned in the increasingly draconian domestic atmosphere. During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals first amendment rights to freedom of assembly were limited, and even free expression and speech when masks were forced to be worn in most states. Recently, at Auburn University within the state of Alabama, an atheist group is causing a stir after the head director of the football program was filmed assisting in a baptism ceremony. The Freedom from Religion Foundation penned a letter to the university President claiming that student baptisms at the institution violated the first amendment. The FFRF stated that because Auburn is a public university, it is unconstitutional for the school’s employees to engage in religious events.

The mass baptisms came in the aftermath of a concert in which Christian worship bands and speakers arrived on campus. They were not planned or promoted by the school, but rather occurred organically.