Fox News Star Criticizes Cohost Over Biden Ukraine Visit

( -On Wednesday’s Hannity, Fox Business personality Charles Payne and Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera argued over President Joseph Biden’s visit to Ukraine. 

Biden traveled to the war-torn nation earlier this week, just in time for the first anniversary of the Russian invasion. 

In front of a live studio audience, presenter Sean Hannity said the president isn’t doing enough, explicitly calling out his decision to veto a deal that would have deployed Polish fighter planes to the beleaguered nation. 

Hannity adroitly pointed out that the U.S. has given $120 billion to Ukraine, and then Joe Biden has now not once, but many times, stopped other European nations from supplying fighter planes so that they can do battle with Russia in the skies. Hannity said the American monetary assistance is not worth it. He mused that the only explanation was that he wasn’t trying to win the war. 

Payne largely agreed, saying it is a proxy battle and that Ukraine being bogged down in a protracted war seems okay with the Biden administration. The reasoning is by slowing Russia; you may cause them to lose a lot of troops. 

Payne cast doubt on the over $100 billion in U.S. funding to Ukraine. Then, he went on to criticize an aspect of Biden’s trip to Ukraine. Payne referred to the air raid sirens in Kyiv upon Biden’s arrival as “fake.” He pointed out there were no reports of the  activation of the air raid sirens in five days.  

Geraldo Rivera, the king of tangential logic, remarked that one hundred thousand people have died. 

Payne again said that the city had gone five days without hearing the sound of air raid sirens, and this was simply Hollywood hype of the lowest kind. 

Rivera strongly disagreed. Scolding Payne for not needing to make that political remark.  

Payne clowned Rivera by saying that Russia was notified of Biden’s visit, and he asked Rivera if he thought Russia would drop a bomb on Biden. 

Rivera, forever self-righteous and ill-informed, said we didn’t tell Russia about it. 

The facts are that the U.S. told Russian authorities that the American president would be touring Ukraine way before his arrival; therefore, Rivera’s assertion is, once again, untrue.