Fox News Mocks Forewoman in Trump’s Case For Not Attending Interview 

( -The forewoman of a Georgia grand jury who did a media tour on other cable networks refused to come on Fox News on Thursday, which left anchor Dana Perino wondering why. 

In multiple interviews with cable news outlets like CNN and MSNBC, special grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs discussed her hopes for indictments to come out of the investigation into the former president and his allies’ efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election. 

Kohrs also expressed her eagerness to face off against Trump. 

David Spunt of Fox News told Dana Perino that he also contacted Ms. Kohrs for an interview but hadn’t heard back. 

Perino, a former press secretary at the White House, was perplexed that Kohrs would pass up the opportunity to continue her cable news tour and bash Trump on another station.  

CNN and ABC’s “The View” were concerned with Kohr’s message and demeanor while on her bash fest. The hosts on both shows expressed concern that Kohrs may “wreck” the case against Trump. 

Former federal prosecutor Elliott Williams said during an interview on CNN that she is illustrating that she was probably not the most unbiased person regarding Trump and should not have been on the jury. She undermines the integrity of the grand jury. 

Lawyer Andrew McCarthy speculated that special grand jury forewoman Emily Kohrs and her fantastic publicity tour this week may have handed “a severe blow” to prosecutors in the Georgia criminal investigation against former President Trump. 

Kohrs was smiling, joking, and making expressive facial movements conveying that she knew answers she shouldn’t disclose. She gave interviews that seemed to strongly imply that Trump was among those suggested for criminal prosecution. Any “fair-mind lawyer” would object to these actions, according to McCarthy, a senior fellow at the National Review Institute.