Fox News Host Chides ‘Weak’ President Biden

The Biden administration’s attitude to the Middle East conflict is criticized by FOX News personality Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle.”

When their party’s leader is far away, progressives lose all respect for him. Rashida Tlaib, a member of Congress from Michigan, doubled down on her previous tweet to President Joe Biden, in which she called the conflict between Israel and Hamas “your war” and blamed Israel for attacking a hospital.

According to Ingraham, Tlaib has nothing but the lowest regard for Biden. She has no concern about any potential political fallout from him. This is a worldwide issue for Biden because it is widely understood that the United States is weak when led by someone as ineffectual as he is.

America’s enemies are happy to step in and fill the void. To mark the 10-year mark of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, leaders from 140 nations have met in Beijing.

Russia and China’s remarks denouncing Israel and urging a truce almost look synchronized, and Putin is there because he thinks Xi is a serious guy and that China represents the future. After all, by joining forces with America’s enemies, they can demonstrate America’s decline in the world. Under Biden, Iran shares these sentiments. They aren’t too worried about America’s threats. They recently received $6 billion from them.

Ex-President Donald Trump issued a dire warning about Hamas terrorism on Monday, claiming that thousands of Middle Eastern males had invaded the United States across the southern border.

Trump criticized President Biden’s policies, saying they allowed a surge in illegal border crossings and made it easier for would-be terrorists to enter the nation. There were twice as many arrests of illegals on a terrorist watchlist under Biden’s administration than during Trump’s.

After Hamas viciously attacked Israel on October 7, slaughtering over 1,400 people, Trump’s statements come as Israel plans a major campaign in the Gaza Strip.

According to a post by Trump on Truth Social, the fight in Gaza is coming to the US. The tens of thousands of able-bodied men from the Middle East still arriving here unchecked will soon provide a challenge unlike any we’ve faced before.