Fox News Adds Laugh Track To Mockery Of Jill Biden

( -According to a report, last weekend’s episode of “Next Revolution”  with host Steve Hilton on Fox News featured an unusual decision made by the show’s producers. During a segment of the show, Hilton mocked First Lady Jill Biden for her praise of her spouse, President Joe Biden. During this segment, the producers appeared to have incorporated laugh tracks into the broadcast. 

In Hilton’s commentary, there was the kind of laugh track that audiences are used to hearing when viewing sitcoms. The laugh track serves as a method of indicating to viewers what is meant to be hilarious, as opposed to weird. 

There were no shots of any audience members in-studio audience.  

The report ponders the possibility that Hilton is presenting himself as a performer trying to compete with the massive success that Greg Gutfeld has had as a host on Fox News.   

According to a report, before Steve Hilton became a Fox News host, he worked for the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, as a senior advisor.  Before the general election in 2010, Hilton also served as Prime Minister Cameron’s head of strategy.  

Before beginning his career in politics, Steve co-founded the consultancy business Good Business and the critically acclaimed restaurant The Good Chef in London.

Speaking of mockery, American Thinker’s Monica Showalter has been known to dress down Jill Biden’s wardrobe choices.    

Showalter reported that Jill Biden was featured on the cover of the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world, Vogue. Jill Biden is shown on the cover as the personification of fashion.

Considering first lady Jill has been seen wearing outfits such as a flashy red dress with zebra print and bizarrely patterned pantyhose paired with spiky heeled ankle boots, it is a stretch of the imagination.

According to Showalter, Jill Biden is no more than a person who often wears garish, ugly, non-age-appropriate attire that is sometimes just plain strange.   

The famous fashion magazine for the world’s stylish somehow overlooked the genuinely voguish first lady, Melania Trump.

Showalter believes that to claim that Jill Biden somehow tops a former supermodel as a fashion icon is laughable.