Four Florida Women Arrested for Stealing Expensive Lifestyle Items

Four females were apprehended and incarcerated by deputies following an incident in which their “expensive taste” resulted in the theft of over a dozen Stanley tumblers and additional pricey food items.

According to officials, a lady from Florida took 24 Stanley tumbler glasses from a shop, as well as lobster, champagne, and a variety of other seafood, including crab.

Two Ace Hardware stores and two Winn-Dixie stores in Nassau County, which is situated in northern Florida close to Jacksonville, were targeted in Saturday’s thefts.

The quick capture of these individuals, possibly averting other thefts, was made possible by the vigilantness of an off-duty lieutenant. Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said the incident reaffirmed the department’s dedication and diligence in preventing criminal activity in the area.

The ladies in question were recognized as  Tracy, Stacy, and Montavia Sullivan. The fourth woman was Kaneki Hickson. The suspected shoplifters made off with around $5,000 worth of goods.

First, deputies went to an Ace Hardware shop, where workers reported that four individuals had stolen twenty-four Stanley cups and were stowing them away in bags and under their clothes.

Behind the wheel of a silver Chevy Malibu, the gang sped off. 

A lieutenant who was not on duty but who had received the BOLO (Be on the Lookout) radio order saw the car.

The suspects were apprehended in the parking lot of a Winn-Dixie. According to the sheriff’s office, the Stanley cups were discovered inside the vehicle, along with high-end items like lobster tail, crab, steak, and champagne.

According to Leeper, these thieves only went in for the good stuff, targeting high-end food and merchandise from a variety of stores around the county.

Snarkily, he said he could assure the women that champagne and lobster are not on the menu at the local jail.

Grand theft and retail theft conspiracy are the charges against all four individuals.