Football Player Dies After Noticing Strange Symptoms

Sixteen-year-old Kyle Limper was a four-sport athlete at Penn Treaty High School. He ran track, played basketball and football, and was a wrestling team member. His dream was to be a college football player and a wrestling champion. 

His parents took him to a local Urgent Care after he complained of back pains after a basketball game. Doctors advised giving the soreness a couple of days to subside and, if it persisted, to return to Urgent Care. 

Kyle could not get out of bed or stand-alone the following day. According to the N.Y. Post, he was taken to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, where doctors diagnosed him with leukemia

His organs began shutting down, and he passed away the following day, leaving his heartbroken parents and a brother and sister behind.

Before his April 13 death, there was no hint of the tragedy ahead. Kyle’s parents saw no signs of any illness or sickness. Leukemia came and took him on the same day his father wrote in an online post. 

Jodi Taffe, Kyle’s mother, is a cancer survivor. 

His college major would have been criminal law, and he hoped to join the FBI or CSI. 

During the summer, Kyle applied and was accepted into a program where he would work with actual CSI agents in Washington, D.C.

Kyle wanted to put criminals behind bars and do his part to stop evil in the world so people could safely live their lives. 

Friends and classmates spoke to the kind of person Kyle was. His friendship, love, generosity, and selflessness touched many lives. 

Live well and cherish loved ones is the family message to honor Kyle’s memory.

He loved and embraced everything life presented to him, and his family hoped everyone would live their best life as a personal way to honor his example. 

GoFundMe page has been announced to help the Limper family with their medical and funeral expenses and has raised $11,000.