Father Unleashes After Police Fail To Make Arrest In Son’s Attack

A gang of juveniles brutally assaulted Richard Kuehner’s son outside of an In-n-Out restaurant in Gilbert, Arizona, on August 18, 2023. The inquiry was closed until recently, but the Gilbert police have not made any arrests.

When Kuehner saw that the police in Arizona weren’t doing enough to protect his son after the assault, he took him out of school and sent him abroad to live with his mom, according to Kuehner.

According to Kuehner’s interview with local media, his son started getting threatening Snapchat messages from an unknown sender early last year. They were rather aggressive. Several of them included images of a pistol aimed at him and other threatening language.

According to Kuehner, he informed the school system and the police about the messages right away. When a gang of teenagers allegedly turned up at Kuehner’s home the next week to further threaten him, the situation deteriorated.

Finally, on August 18th, a white truck carrying ten adolescents approached Kuehner’s son at an In-n-Out.  He was assaulted by the teenagers who climbed out of the truck’s rear and left him with kidney damage. He was hospitalized.

According to Kuehner, the assault has left him with more than $15,000 in unpaid medical costs.

On December 14, 2023, the police renewed the inquiry after learning that the Gilbert Goons, a criminal group renowned for unprovoked assaults on local teens, may have committed the incident.  Reports show the Gilbert Goons have filmed themselves attacking and randomly assaulting bystanders in malls and restaurants.

These assaults have lasted over a year and may have killed one.

Locals believe the gang killed Preston Lord (16) on October 28, 2023.

He would still be alive if police had responded faster to his son’s assault, according to Kuehner.

The Gilbert Goons is a gang of wealthy kids who threaten and intimidate their victims in a blitz-style assault.  Residents characterize the Goons as a band of 20 or more white, upper-middle-class kids from East Valley high schools in police appeals, letters to school authorities, group chats, and public gatherings.

Only the Goons connect the victims. The victims do not know one another or attend the same schools. The assaults had no apparent race-based purpose or any specific reason.