Family Runs Out Pedo Who Assaulted Autistic Child

The attack on the 11-year-old autistic kid reportedly happened in a flash at a resort in Tenerife before the child’s family noticed the suspect and chased him out of the hotel.

According to a report, the attacker reached down the boy’s pants and grabbed his genitalia. The boy, believed to have traveled from Ireland, was reportedly attacked as he played with other children in the hotel’s pool in Costa Adeje, a renowned tourist destination in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, between Spain and Africa.

A relative reportedly chased the offender away, and CCTV footage showed the whole incident. Spanish authorities have detained the offender, who is now facing charges in Tenerife. The suspect allegedly spent many days hanging out at the resort in Costa Adeje.

A family member said they were stunned and angered by what happened. What started off as a wonderful family vacation turned into the vacation from hell.

They saw the whole incident and were shocked by it. The supposed hotel guest was escorted out of the hotel by a member of the family.

A report shows their final few days of vacation were spent shuttling between the local police station and courts. They also wanted to make sure other parents knew to keep a close check on their kids while on vacation in Tenerife since what happened to them occurred in a flash.

The story follows reports of a sexual attack on a British teenager by a cab driver in the Spanish vacation town of Magaluf, in Mallorca.

According to the adolescent, the argument escalated into a violent altercation with the taxi driver. The young man informed police that driving from the nightlife district of Punta Ballena to the tourist’s hotel, the taxi driver inappropriately touched him and eventually demanded a sex act.

After the 17-year-old and his mother went to the police station in August to report the event, a manhunt was initiated.