Expert Says Trump Is Showing Signs Of Dementia

A well-known psychiatrist has stated that there is substantial evidence to suggest that Donald Trump could have dementia.

Duty To Warn, a group of mental health experts worried about Trump, recently cited Dr. Lance Dodes, a retired professor from Harvard Medical School and a former supervising analyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

In a separate statement issued at the same time, Suzanne Lachmann, a psychologist from New York, remarked that 77-year-old Trump occasionally digressed from the original topic of his sentences and added something new in the midst, resulting in a disorganized and unclear statement. She observed that people with dementia typically exhibit this behavior.

A psychologist and retired professor from Johns Hopkins University’s medical school, John Gartner, has brushed off concern for Biden’s memory loss, saying it’s a normal part of becoming older, but has written a petition that expresses worry for Trump’s mental health.

Memory, reasoning, language, conduct, and motor skills were among the former president’s cognitive abilities, which he voiced concerns about in early March.

In the past, all three of these mental health experts have voiced their worries over the former president’s mental health. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump was a 2017 book co-authored by Dodes and Gartner; Lachmann backed Gartner’s petition.

According to his niece, Mary Trump, who claims her uncle was intelligent when he was younger, Donald Trump is now showing signs of untreated mental illnesses.

In the weeks following the election, Biden would become 82 years old, making him the oldest president of the United States. If he is elected, he will be 86 years old when his second term ends. But concerns about the president’s mental and physical health have been ignored. He assured the press in February that he is completely cognizant of his actions and that his memory is unimpaired.

Biden has found it difficult to exit a stage, needing prompts to tell him which direction to go after speeches in which he says his mental acuity is top-notch.