Every County Flips Democrat After “Voter Error” Declared

The 2020 election was very contentious. Allegations of polling officials tampering with voting machines were leveled. Are elections rigged? Do we trust that every vote is safely counted and reported? Is there election fraud in the United States?

Nassau County, New York, is home to 500,000 Republicans and Independent voters, about half the county’s population. 

This week potential voters were surprised to receive their voter information cards in the mail for the upcoming primary declaring that each of the registered Republicans and Independents had somehow changed parties and were now registered as Democrats. 

The Nassau County Attorney, County Board of Elections, and the County Executive immediately investigated why every voter in Nassau County was now a registered Democrat. 

Republicans and conservatives were justifiably outraged at the apparent error, which was eventually traced to the company contracted to print the voter cards.

 Phoenix Graphics, a 40-year-old printing company in Rochester, New York, was found responsible for the printing and is correcting its mistake. 

While the cards mailed to voters are inaccurate, the Nassau County officials insist that the polling site information declaring the voter’s party affiliation is correct.

Nassau County officials acknowledged the mistake and are in the process of getting corrected voter cards out as soon as possible.

The county estimated the cost of the printing mistake at $300,000. The Board of Elections will absorb the cost of the error, and taxpayers will bear no responsibility for the reprinting costs. 

Bruce Blakeman, County Executive of Nassau County and a Republican, said there’s no reason to think that Democrats are doing anything underhanded or to affect the upcoming primary election negatively.

The Election office has fielded numerous calls from unhappy registered Republicans and conservatives following the erroneous mailing. 

Blakeman hoped that with the election just a month away, the new voter cards could be sent out in time. The printing company has said the new cards should go out on May 22, with the primary election scheduled for June 27.