Epstein Island Survivors Breaks Silence, Takes Names

Naja Hill, an associate of Jeffery Epstein, approached Juliette Bryant at a Cape Town pub where she was socializing with a friend when she was 20 years old. Soon after, Bryant was extended an invitation to meet with Bill Clinton, the former president and Hill’s wealthy employer.  It was the start of torment that would endure for years.

According to Bryant, Hill approached her and informed her that her prestigious friend was there, along with his pal Bill Clinton, who owned an island in the Caribbean and also claimed to own Victoria’s Secret. She asked if she would like to meet him. At first, Bryant thought it was an incredible opportunity.

Bryant went to the restaurant where the group was eating. There were a handful of other people there with them, including Epstein, Clinton, and actor Kevin Spacey. They all got up to shake her hand. She said it felt odd that Bill Clinton held on to her hand a bit too long. Epstein extended an invitation for Bryant to meet with him the next day about modeling jobs.

After reviewing her portfolio, they decided she would be an ideal fit for Victoria’s Secret. Bill Clinton happened to be there and saw the whole casting process. Epstein then expressed his desire to hire her.

After receiving her green card, Bryant traveled to New York a few weeks later.  She claimed that she was brought to all of Epstein’s estates, including the Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, where she supposedly crossed paths with Michael Bay, a major Hollywood film producer.

Bryant said she didn’t witness Bill Clinton doing anything outright sexual with the girls, but she knew he would be more calculated and secretive about it.

In January, on an episode of a British morning show, Sarah Ransome, another of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, reiterated her allegations about the Clinton sex videos. Alleged sex videos involving Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew are hidden somewhere.  Ransome said that Jeffery secretly recorded her friend having sex with Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, and Prince Andrew.

Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre expressed her growing fear about Vanity Fair’s potential coverage of her in an email exchange with writer Sharon Churcher in May 2011, during which the author was discussing her book. Former President Bill Clinton had barged into Vanity Fair’s headquarters and demanded they not say a single word about Epstein and related stories about his human trafficking, according to court documents.