Elon Orders All Teslas To Have Full Self-Driving Features

As CEO Elon Musk directed, all Tesla vehicles will immediately be equipped with the most recent driver assistance package.

On Monday, he sent a note to staff members stressing the significance of installing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving program before the car is delivered to the buyer.

Even though Tesla’s Autopilot is included in all new cars, you must pay $199 monthly to use full self-driving.

Although the service’s pricing is still uncertain, Mr. Musk declared on Monday that all competent Teslas would get a free month of Full Self-Driving. The new policy encourages more people to use driver assistance systems and proves them more reliable and secure.

Tesla has encountered difficulties due to the programs’ extensive abuse and misunderstanding, even though the business has clarified that its driver-aid technology does not turn its cars into autonomous vehicles. Federal authorities have launched multiple investigations concerning potentially dangerous technologies. Regarding incidents using Tesla’s Autopilot feature, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched 41 investigations in the last seven years.

Customers’ faith in the company has been hit due to high-profile events and continuing investigations.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recommended that Tesla voluntarily recall its vehicles to improve the functionality of its Full Self-Driving and Autopilot systems.

A company letter shows that Musk reportedly told staff to provide consumers with a “short test ride” to show them how the system works.

According to regulatory statistics, almost 70% of incidents using sophisticated driver-assistance systems have involved Tesla cars since June 2021. Officials, however, advise against drawing firm conclusions about safety from this data.

Tragically, 19 people have lost their lives in collisions involving Tesla cars. There have been many incidents of drivers abusing Tesla’s FSD system—for example, by dozing off or being distracted by their Apple Vision Pro headsets.

It is worth repeating that FSD technology does not turn cars into completely autonomous self-driving vehicles.