Elon Musk Sides With “Dilbert” Creator 

(PresidentialDaily.org) -After a controversial upload onto social media in which he claimed White people ought to avoid Black people, Dilbert creator Scott Adams found himself in the middle of yet another controversy this week, dropping his cartoon nationwide by hundreds of newspapers. 

Adams went on the defense, standing by his statements and supporting his thesis. While that was happening, Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, who has engaged in an online conversation with Adams before, chimed in with a few posts, only later to be deleted. 

At face value, Adams based his remarks on a Rasmussen survey’s findings that questioned whether respondents agreed with the phrase “it’s okay to be White.” He then advised White Americans to stay away from Black people, pointing out that nearly half of the Black participants were not prepared to declare it’s okay to be White.” 

Adams said those numbers were good enough to declare Blacks a hate group. 

The clip quickly spread over YouTube, Facebook, and other media outlets. Adams later tweeted in defense of his comments, saying that hardly anyone had challenged his basic premise that nearly 50% of Blacks don’t think it’s okay to be White. 

Adams posed a hypothetical query on Twitter on a Saturday morning, saying, “are you racist to avoid racists of the same race as you?” Alternatively, “is it just racist if the racists you’re sating away from are white?” 

Musk, who often provides one-off replies to topics on his timeline, responded with a joke. 

When the news broke that outlets that bought the syndicated Dilbert had severed ties with Adams’ comic strip, a writer with WaPo, Josh Rogin, wrote, “good.” 

“He’s a day behind this narrative,” Adams wrote. “Awkward.” 

Afterward, Musk inquired, “What exactly are they complaining about?” 

I have no idea. “I don’t read that paper,” Adams said. 

Maybe Musk withdrew it after learning the answer or recognizing that others could take his inquiry as a sign of solidarity in favor of the cartoonist’s “racist” rant.