Elon Musk Rejects Calls To Abandon Fossil Fuels

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has said that the future does not lie in the demonization of oil and gas.

Reports show that at a political event hosted by the Brothers of Italy party, which Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni heads, Musk said that climate change anxiety is overstated in the near term. The environmentalists may have gone too far, depleting trust in what the future holds.

Musk said that oil and gas should not be stigmatized. They are still needed.

Musk remarked that worries over so-called climate change are exaggerated and sustainable alternatives won’t be available for decades. Although climate change is being overstated in the near term, he maintained that it is a threat in the long run.

In order to ensure that the planet has a continuing population, Musk advocated for increased family size.

Musk expressed concern about Italy’s falling birth rate when he was asked if his businesses would invest in the country.

Musk said Italy was an excellent investment destination, but he stressed that the country’s low birth rate concerned him. He wondered who would fill the country’s jobs if the workforce dwindled.

He said that Italy could not afford to depend only on immigration to meet its population needs and urged the government to do something about it by incentivizing couples to have more children.

According to reports, Italy has set aside approximately $1.09 billion in its 2024 budget to address the country’s demographic issue. For the fourteenth year running, births in Italy have been declining, and last year’s total was the fewest since the country was unified in 1861.

When Musk was asked about social networking site X, Musk dismissed worries about a decline in the amount of advertising that was being shown on the platform. Musk said it had already been reported that advertisers were returning to the site.