Elon Musk Posts Joke Hours After Firings

(PresidentialDaily.org) -Since Elon Musk took control in October of last year, Twitter has seen many rounds of layoffs. His latest battery of firings has affected 200 people, which is about 10% of the company’s remaining personnel. 

Twitter’s employment had dropped from 7,500 when the billionaire initially took control to under 2,000 after the layoffs were announced on Saturday. 

Musk was a bit casual and thoughtless, maybe even a bit cruel, with his quip in the wake of the most recent severances. 

“Hope you have a good Sunday,” Musk Tweeted on a Sunday, “first day of the rest of your life.” 

Twitter user Richard Heart said in response to Musk’s tone-deaf tweet, ‘Except for those where today is their last.’ 

Saturday’s cutbacks targeted sales managers, data specialists, and engineers. The number of workers affected by the layoffs was the most it has been since November 2017, when half the organization was let go. 

But colleagues thought another round of layoffs was coming this month when they abruptly lost permission to enter their Slack channel last week. 

Several others discovered that they couldn’t access their email or computers on Saturday night. Workers resorted to an anonymous forum for verified employees to document the cutbacks that transpired during the weekend. 

They got an email at 2 am on Saturday, and access was terminated instantly. “One of the most drastic layoffs in company history,” according to a Blind post. 

The firing of most of the product team has prompted some to suspect that Musk is planning to bring in totally new teams. 

In November, Musk warned employees that changes were coming that would make Twitter a more rigorous workplace. 

The billionaire has been astute and upfront about the financial problems affecting the firm and made clear before his formal purchase that cost-cutting will be the number one objective.