Drew Barrymore Caves To Hollywood Strikers’ Demands

In a clarifying post to her Instagram account on Sunday, Drew Barrymore reiterated that the hiatus on “The Drew Barrymore Show” will remain in place until the writers’ strike is settled.

Despite the Hollywood strike, Barrymore declared in a video she uploaded on social media that she would be working to continue producing her program. She was immediately besieged with criticism for her decision. A small group of the actress’s fans even organized a protest outside the studio, where they called Barrymore names and called her a “scab.”

Barrymore appears to have caved under the increasing strain.

She said on Instagram that she had heard everyone and was choosing to pause the show’s premiere until the strike was done.

Barrymore publicly apologized to everyone she had offended by defying the strike in the first place.

She said she had “no words” except her greatest apologies to everyone she affected. She apologized to the staff who work on the show who “have made it what it is today.”

The actress said they tried hard to “locate a pathway forward,” and she hopes this whole ordeal may resolve very soon.

Barrymore had previously mentioned that her show debuted during a pandemic, and she had assumed that if she had been successful in the face of adversity then, she would be successful now, during a strike.

The famous actress erased the post in which she declared she wanted to continue with the show because it is “greater than me.” She noted that other people had their livelihoods at stake.

Drew Barrymore is part of the Barrymore acting dynasty. John Barrymore was her grandfather. Drew became a household name after her appearance in the Steven Speilberg box-office smash E.T.

She famously battled a drinking problem that developed at the tragic age of 11.