Donald Trump Surges Past Joe Biden Yet Again

According to a report, despite his legal troubles in New York, previous President Donald Trump has the greatest advantage over incumbent Joe Biden in a hypothetical rematch in the 2020 race.

It was widely anticipated that Trump would be charged after the George Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg arraigned him on 34 charges.

The 45th president of the United States anticipated the arrest several weeks before on social networking sites after hearing rumors of a grand jury probe.

While speaking from the exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort, Trump characterized his unprecedented indictment as the newest in a long line of politically motivated investigations.

According to CBS, Trump stated he hadn’t imagined something like this would occur in America. He said the only crime he had committed was to stand up to those who would destroy our country.

Per the report, if discouraging Trump supporters was Bragg’s intention, he has so far been unsuccessful.  It looks like he may have helped Trump recapture some of the outsider enthusiasm that propelled him to an upset victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A Rasmussen Reports survey conducted between March 30 and April 1 shows that Trump’s advantage is at its highest since he joined the race in November, just after the midterm elections.

Trump has a 47 percent to 40 percent edge over Biden among all likely voters.

Of those polled, 11% stated they planned to vote for a different candidate, while 89% were unsure.

Voters with higher yearly incomes backed Biden more than any other demographic, perhaps because they saw less of an impact from inflation.

Trump won a plurality of votes from households earning less than $100,000.

A survey shows that Trump was down by three points only eight weeks ago but now shows a significant advantage for him.

Reports show Biden has not yet said whether he would seek reelection, although he is widely anticipated to do so.

But there is little doubt that Trump’s popularity has increased since he was charged with a felony in New York on politically motivated grounds.

The margin of error for the 971 likely voters questioned by Rasmussen Reports was +/- 3%.